3 Generations of Pirates fans at the wall of historic Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, the site of the Greatest Game ever played - Game 7 of the 1960 World Series

Sports Inspiration

Sports, Coaching and Teams fuel my inspiration and leadership style. Here a few things and people that inspire me.

Never Cut a Boy.

Never Cut a Boy Follow this link for one of my favorite stories. Hal Lebovitz was sportswriter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer for many years and he passed away in 2005. Below is his most often requested column, and the Plain Dealer ran it again the day Hal died.

Dayton - The Birthplace of March Madness

Dayton - the Birthplace of March Madness I aim to write a book one day, and when I do it will be about the the birthplace (and birthdate) of March Madness. Remember that Cinderalla Story Villanova - well my book will talk about that and much more about the year they won.

Bob Knight - Leader?

Bob Knight I'd have my son play for Bob Knight and this is why.

Coach John Wooden

John Wooden I'd also have my son play for Coach Wooden. Many of my favorite and most inspirational quotes come from him. Follow the link to some of my favorites.

Cleveland's Historic League Park

League Park, E. 66th and Lexington - Cleveland Ohio. This is the exact spot that Babe Ruth hit his 500th home run. It was built in 1891 and was also the location of the only unassisted triple play in World Series history in 1920. The Indians decided to move to this new stadium, Cleveland Municipal Stadium on July 31, 1932. The team continued to play full time at Cleveland Municipal Stadium until the end of the 1933 season. However beginning in 1934, the Indians began playing at League Park on weekdays and on holidays until 1947. The team finally moved out of League Park because the ballpark never had lights. The ticket house constructed in 1909 and part of the grandstand wall along East 66th Street are the only parts still standing, but the city created a museum and park at the site with the exact field location and dimensions as shown here.