Just For Fun!

It is important to be able to have fun and and enjoy things that make you smile. Here are some of the things that make me smile.

Trails To Ales

Trails To Ales - combining two of my favorite things - bike riding and craft beer.


I am probably dating myself, but rarely does a week go by in which I don't refernce something from Seinfeld. I love the observations and chuckle at the name brand references and reactions to various retail store policies.

One of my favorite episodes with George being assigned a project that he didn't get all of the details because he didn't follow his boss into the bathroom. This actually happened to me before. How many times have you been given a vague assignment and struggled to figure out the next steps? Did you go downtown yet?


Dilbert. Be honest - how many times in your business life have you felt like you are part of a real life 'Dilbert' Cartoon? As a leader, I have tried to never be part of a team members Dilbert cartoon.