Valvano's 3 Things We Should Do Every Day

Jim Valvano, the coach from NC State that took Cinderella to the dance in 1983 and wound up winning the entire tournament. It was a practical miracle to just get to the NCAA tournament that year - they needed to get past Michael Jordan and Ralph Sampson just to get in. I highly encourage you watching the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on this thrilling ride and their passionate coach. This was right around the time that I started following college basketball as a kid, and I wonder if Lorenzo Charles didn't catch the heave from Dereck Whittenberg if March Madness as we know it today would be viewed differently. Probably not, but this sure was exciting. You all have probably seen the epic speech that Coach Valvano gave at the ESPY awards just a few weeks before he passed and the advice he gave. We all need to do these three things and NEVER GIVE UP!