Everyday Observations

General Observations - Here are some every day observations I have about service, work ethic, culture and other things that make me think.

Huh?? I was in Dick's the other day buying new basketball shoes. Hooray - it had been exactly a year since I last played due to Covid! Generally, I like Dick's and their service culture, but after getting rejected on the in stock position on my size 13's the clerk responded, "we don't have much in stock because the season is over." WHAT?!?!

Pet Peeve. One of my greatest pet peeves is lazy people taking for granted the work being performed by many of our service providers. I witnessed a good example today driving on my street. Today is trash and recycling day, and like most neighborhoods everything is automated and the drivers rarely have to get out of their trucks. So, while it may be less physical work than in the past - it doesn't make it any less of a grind. Because I am aware of this grind, I ALWAYS break down all of my boxes and neatly put them in the recycling container. If I have too many boxes then I either tie them up or put them all in one large box, and in both cases can be lifted with the arm of the truck. Today a neighbor simply put about 6 or 7 boxes on the driveway. This negative bias that exists with blue collar workers and the mentality "that's their job" makes me mad. Everyone is out there trying to make a living - I wish everyone would respect that and try to do the little things to help make everyone's jobs a bit easier. Sure it probably only took a minute for the driver to get out of the truck, but it also would only take a minute to break down those boxes. It's all about RESPECT.